Monday, October 09, 2006

... R.I.P ...

What do I have left? ... are these feelings worthy?
so many questions in need of answers, so many thoughts looking for light
but just hearing those words made me realize...
they've been here all this time, I've been holding on to them
through fights, problems, through laughs and happy moments
they're still here, and I wonder why...

Now... they have to leave, I have to let them go
I need to let you go and I know what's left... nothing.
Now it's time to trust in the one up high, now it's time to hold on to what He want
those feelings can come back, but I wont wait for them
I wont sit and wonder if they are, it'd be great, it'd be lovely
but I feel like daydreaming...

In memory of my love for you...
bye bye happy side

Friday, October 06, 2006

Razon de una distancia indefinida...

Dame una razon para sentir otra vez
dame un motivo para volver a escucharte
si una vez me ignoraste,
dame razones para mirarte.
Dame una razon para darte mi tiempo
dame un motivo para volver a abrazarte
si una vez te apartaste,
dame razones para voler a buscarte.

Dame una razon para dejarlo todo
dame un motivo para volver a comenzar
si una vez me mentiste,
dame razones para voler a creer en ti.
Dame una razon para estar contigo
dame un motivo para darte mis plabras
si una vez me alejaste de tu mente,
dame razones para volver a pensar en ti.

Dame una razon para soñarte
dame un motivo para pelear por ti
si una vez me hiciste sufrir,
dame razones para volver a quererte.
Dame una razon para no engañarme
dame un motivo para no extrañarte
si una vez no necesite razones.
damelas para tener que hacerlo ahora.

Una razon para olvidarte...
Un motivo para no amarte...

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